By day, we're all respectable members of society, but when the night rolls around, something happens to us. We become...different. We become...a little crazy. We become... ALTER EGO!!!
Tom Lee - vocals
Steve Guidice - Guitar
John Johnson - Drums & Backing Vocals
Chris Hoefenkrieg - Bass & Backing Vocals 
Tom, Chris and Steve formed Alter Ego in early 2008. After playing up and down Nassau and Suffolk Counties, John joined on drums in August, 2010 and helped solidify our sound and attitude. We're all "old school" rock-n-roll fans and our set list reflects our influences - old and new. At any given show, you might hear some Hendrix or Cream, Sabbath or Deep Purple, Stone Temple Pilots or Weezer, Pink Floyd or UFO. Who knows?!!! We don't even know what we might play next but, whatever it is, it probably rocks!!!
We appreciate our family and friends who travel long distances to see our shows. We hope you have as much fun at our shows as we do.